Logo Design Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible.

Name *
Please type the company name exactly as you'd like it to appear in your logo. Example: My Company; mycompany, etc.
Do you have a short tag line or slogan you will sometimes use, when appropriate, with your logo? If so, I will take this into consideration when designing your logo, but your logo must also be able to stand on its own without the tag line.
Why do you need a new logo? What would you like it to accomplish?
Deadline *
When do you need your new logo completed?
What is your budget range?
What is the age range of your target customer? Where do they live, shop, work, etc?
Who are your main competitors? Please include 2-4 with website links if possible.
Are there any logos that you particularly like? What do you like about them and what aspects, if any, would you like to emulate? Please provide links to examples.
Please provide some adjectives that describe what you hope to communicate with your logo (e.g. strong, exciting, warm, welcoming, inventive, humorous, feminine, serene, athletic, etc.).
Do you have any particular images or symbols you associate with your product or company? What is the significance of this symbol?
Are there existing brand colors? If not, do you have any color preferences?
Where will your logo be primarily used?
Are you in need of additional design services to be packaged with your logo?
Is there anything else I need to know?