Katie Chastain
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As first hire, starting as graphic designer and eventually Design Director at KINGSPØKE, I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of bringing the style of this agency to life. 

Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

The KINGSPØKE brand style is a mix of surf culture, urban/industrial feels and the raw beauty of the Maine coastline. I put together a comprehensive Brand Style Guide to further solidify and define the KINGSPØKE style in the minds of all team members. 

The Space

The Space

The space was designed to be just as functional as it was beautiful. Barnwood floors, found objects from the Maine coastline, handmade installations and furniture by local artisans - all to inspire designers with an urban take on Maine style and encourage the team to collaborate in ever evolving spaces. 

Paper Installation

Paper Installation

Inspired by the popular Instagram hashtag, #nothingisordinary.

Over 500 Instagram photos were carefully curated and printed, then slowly and methodically folded and affixed to the wall.

To a child, a stick is anything but just a stick. It’s a spear. It’s a magic wand. A flagpole for the center of a sandcastle. Oftentimes, we lose that sense of wonder and seemingly mundane things lose their potential magic. As we grow, a stick eventually becomes just a stick again.

The popular Instagram hashtag #nothingisordinary, for me, is about regaining that childlike imagination; seeing the potential in what we once deemed ordinary. This installation is a tribute to that idea. To slowing down and celebrating the small things. Seeing the potential.

As KINGSPØKE members and our guests walk down the hallway they are reminded to slow down, look up and tap into the wonder they once felt as a child.

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